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Incentive travel trips can not only build deeper relationships but also be a driver for increased sales. CSL Events have years of experience delivering travel solutions that work to help brands grow and reward dealers and partners. CSL is also a bonded travel agent licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, giving you added peace of mind and safeguarding your customers.

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Return on Investment.

When properly designed and delivered a travel incentive programme can create a measurable return on the investment made.

Travel incentives have been proven to not only increase sales and profits, change behaviour and most importantly improve employee and customer engagement.

An International Society for Performance improvement study has found that incentive programmes increase performance of an individual by 22% and of a team by 44%.

Companies that recognize their employees outperform companies that do not by 30/40%.

A programme created around a sales or dealer incentive should, if structured correctly, be a self-financing exercise.

It will also give you the vehicle to develop a closer relationship with your customers and create a vibrancy around your product which will encourage additional sales.