Incentive Programme & Cruise for Hager

Travel as an incentive to customers or staff has been proven as an ideal way to increase sales, particularly if it is target driven.

CSL recently created a programme for a client that was designed to run for 6 months, with a minimum sales target to achieve entry to the promotion.

The client wanted to do a cruise, so CSL sourced a 4night night Celebrity Cruise programme sailing out of Barcelona and with direct flights out of Dublin and easy transfers to the Port this was exactly what he was looking for. As the package was ‘all in’’ and included all meals and entertainment, plus tours of a number of destination stops, it attracted a lot of interest from his customers.

Based on the required targets for entry, the top 4 customers plus their partners in each of the 4 sales areas automatically qualified. A further 2 customers plus partners were then selected by raffle.  The balance of qualified customers were then targeted with an additional spend figure, that if achieved would place them in a final draw at the end of the promotion. This increased the chances for the higher spending customers, plus it was a ‘lucky draw’ for the smaller customers.

The promotion gave each of the sales engineers, who together with their partners also got to go on the trip, the opportunity to leverage sales and discuss new product ranges with their customers. It also created an additional talking point on sales calls.

Promotional material was created to help the sales team get buy in from their customers. The reaction was extremely positive and not only increased sales from existing customers but created a talking point within the industry resulting in a number of new customers.


Project Details

  • Client Hager
  • Category travel,